Kindle Fire Black Friday Deals 2013

Kindle Fire Black Friday Deals 2013

Kindle Fire Black Friday Deals 2013Kindle fire has been a huge hit since amazon has announced the sale of such high tech device. At first, it was just like a modern book which stores a lot of stories in a weight that would not even leave you bothered but at the later years of its existence, it has gone way better. This is primarily the reason why it goes in demand. However, not everyone could afford to buy one. It is just good to know that when you need relief for such a need, there are discounts you could actually avail of. So for those who are tight on a budget, here are Kindle Fire Black Friday deals.

Starting off with the most affordable among Kindle Fire black Friday deals – the Kindle Fire Paper white 6 inches device. As its name suggests, the view that you will see when reading your favorite books on your kindle is paper white. This means that you can see nothing but high resolution and high contrast display to further intensify your reading experience. Reading with this device is a plus as it has anti-glare feature which lets you view the screen at any angle with the same quality of images no matter where you may set your eyes in. But these heavy features do not actually add up to its weight as it is ultra-light weight. Even great news it is to know that this only costs $119.00.

Now off to the newer version of Kindle Fire, the 7 inch version. Just like its predecessor, it has anti-glare properties too. you would even enjoy this feature more as it has a 1280×800 HD display delivering only crisp and vivid images in  a 7 inch screen. Aside from being a modern book as some might tag it, it has other functions that will leave you drooling too. Watch your favorite videos from the internet as video streaming is available. Count in the ultrafast web browsing technology leaving you free from the stresses of lags and freezes. Plus, it has its very own front facing camera which lets you perform video calls just like what tablets do. All of these features come in a shockingly high value price of $159.00. Well this is the 16 GB version. If you think 16GB is not enough to house your downloaded files if you are a file addict, then you can go for the 32 GB version that will cost you $219.00.

Kindle fire black Friday deals are all adjusted to the price that can be afforded by all. Now, there is no use of just staring at people having these fancy gadgets because you can have one too. You have even got the advantage of taking Kindle Fire black Friday deals because the savings that you will get are really surprising it is cut to half of the original price. Well, this is really what black Friday market really means, giving people affordable priced items without giving up the quality of the product.


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